Two Plows Are Better Than One!

The Daniels DRAGON doesn't replace your front-mounted plow but it could!? Imagine having a 16' wide blade on your truck...now it's reality!? Improved from 10 years of competitor's back blades, and combined with Daniels' knowledge as the original creator of the Pull Plow over 30 years ago, the DRAGON brings the rear mounted plow to a new level of build quality, function and reliability.

DRAGON Plow is an additional option to complement your front mounted plow by allowing your truck to carry an extremely large volume of snow in up to a 16’ path.

2,000 lbs. of Down Pressure for scraping down to the pavement!

Independently operated wings with 180 Degrees of rotation to optimize versatility.

Simple use under bumper mount for quick connection and disconnection.

Wings equipped with hydraulic relief and shear bolt design.

Standard two-piece design of wing hinge corner closure between moldboard and wings without additional mounted pieces.

No need to remove the vehicle tailgate to mount or utilize the DRAGON Plow.

Allows full use of tailgate and built in OEM rear mounted camera.

Folding plow stand is fully useable and accessible when tailgate is open.

Easy access to covered power unit and manifold for standard maintenance: Accessible fluid fill, coils & valves, and hose fittings.

Recommended Application

  • 16' Wide and 14' Wide DRAGON for 3/4 ton and up trucks.
  • NO DUALLY trucks.

DRAGON Specifications

Model Number1801418016
Closed7’ - 11-3/4”7’ - 11-3/4”
Weight975 lbs1025 lbs.
Material Specifications
Moldboard10 Ga.10 Ga.
Horizontal Rib4 @ 1/4”4 @ 1/4”
Wing10 Ga. (Boxed)10 Ga. (Boxed)
Pivot Arms2 @ 1/2”2 @ 1/2”
Cutting Edge
Moldboard1/2” X 6” (AR400)1/2” X 6” (AR400)
Wing1-1/2” X 6” (Rubber)1-1/2” X 6” (Rubber)